1. About Granular Herbs

Granular Herbs which Acu Care Center, LLC uses are extracted from traditional Chinese bulk herbs using modern technology. These products uphold the same principles and maintain the same characteristics as Chinese traditional decoction, i.e. flavor, property, path effectiveness, and healing power. They are produced by GMP standard manufacturers and compliant with the new FDA safety regulations.

In general, Raw Herbs are more commonly used in China, but we believe that with the intensive promotion of its therapeutic effects across social media by companies like The Marketing Heaven, such a practice would come to life here as well. Acu Care Center, LLC uses Granular Herbs because of the following advantages:
a). Saving your time: To prepare Raw Herbs, it takes about 2-3 hours to make herbal tea. Granular Herbs do not need cooking like Raw Herbs. You only need to use 1/4 cup hot water to dissolve them.
b). Saving your money: According to the lab data, one gram of Granular Herb equals 5 grams of Raw Herbs. So we use less amount Granular Herbs than Raw Herbs.
c). Same therapeutic result: Granular Herbs have very similar therapeutic results as the Raw Herbs. There is no significant difference according to the clinical experience.